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Who is responsible for all of this?

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Richie Morgan is a professional filmmaker with over 12 years of production experience. His career has taken him through a wide variety of situations, from interviewing film stars on the red carpet, documenting major festivals and events, working with some of Scotland’s top food and drink brands and creating music videos for a number of prominent independent record labels.

Richie is a creatively driven individual and is experienced in directing, camera operation and editing. Sometimes working alone or as part of a larger team he is well suited to a variety of working styles.

With a real passion for production, Richie is always happy to talk to you about filmmaking. In fact, your biggest challenge will be getting him to stop talking about it.

Richie is currently the only permanent team member, but when required, Runabout engages with a number of industry approved freelancers, able to create the right team for any job.

Stefani Longshamp
Max Reinert



"Richie has been a lifesaver. His work on our internal videos and client trailers has always been top-notch. Highly recommended!"


“We’ve used Richie for several video projects across different audiences and we’ve always been delighted with the quality of his work. His videos have provided us with very encouraging results and a good return on investment. Richie is always quick to understand the brief and the audiences we’re pitching at and he is particularly skilled at building a positive rapport with his interviewees. He’s been a pleasure to work alongside and we’d recommend him to anyone considering outsourcing their video work.”

-Vets Now

"Have worked with Richie on a number of projects over the years, and the work he has delivered has always been excellent. Enthusiastic and creative with a brief, Richie has completed jobs within a tight time-frame, and showcased a wide range of skills - from capturing live session performances, to animating lyric videos. Highly recommended!"

-Lost Map Records

"We have worked with Richie for several years on digital assets that capture the spirit of Glasgow Film Festival (GFF). Whether they’re working with GFF staff, or directly with film talent and guests, the CutScene team fit seamlessly into what is an extremely busy and fast-moving festival.

Alongside their extensive technical expertise, they have significant Arts and Culture knowledge, and their eye-catching content has been an integral part of GFF’s branding and promotion."

-Glasgow Film Festival

"In the many years Lux have been working with Richie, his professional and creative approach to every job and his knowledge and understanding of creating video content has made him an invaluable asset to the agency."

-LUX: The Food & Drink Agency

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