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What is Runabout?

Runabout is a company that specialises in the creation, production and delivery of video content, its mission statement is one of quality, accessibility and above all; creativity.

Founded with over a decade of professional experience, Runabout is equipped to cater for a range of production situations. Perhaps you’re looking for video content for your social media strategy, coverage of a festival or event, a music video, or short film, these needs can be catered for.

Video is an indispensible tool for engaging with an audience and building a presence online. However there are a wide range of approaches and not all of them are necessarily right for you. Runabout has the experience to help guide you, envision creative solutions and carry out a project with a clarity of vision and a professional approach.

When it comes to creating video, no two projects are the same and each new production has it’s own needs. Engaging with industry recognised freelancers, Runabout is able to craft and build a team specific to your project’s requirements.

Perhaps you have an idea you’d like to discuss, or you have a situation that requires a creative solution. Why not get in touch? A coffee and a chat is always a welcome break. With no obligation and no charge, you might find that Runabout has something to offer.

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Recent Clients

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